Interview with Irena Macesovic

An interview with Irena Macesovic - A King’s Resort success story!


An interview with Irena Macesovic – A King’s Resort success story!

She is crazy, attractive, honest, funny, focused and likes to play. She is the winner of the fifth WSOPC Golden Ring! Ladies and gentlemen, please let us introduce Irena Macesovic from Lithuania.  


Irena, congratulations, it is a big success! How do you feel?

Thank you. I am happy, I came to win :-D


When did you start playing poker?

I first played cash games, then I started with poker tournaments and 5 years ago I decided to become professional. I love it. I am like a baby. I simply like winning.


Is it only about talent or do the professionals need to train and study?

It's about training and playing but that’s not it. Poker isn’t only about cards and playing but also about thinking. You need to concentrate, not get stressed…so, I started to read books about the mind, thinking and concentration, which helped me during tough times as well.

You just don’t win all the time and when there is longer time without a win you can get upset, nervous, it influences you.


Have you ever been to King's Resort?

No, this is my first time and I will come back. I love this place. When I stepped in, I felt the aura and you know what? I knew I would win!

It is the most professional poker arena I have ever been to. I like the comfort which is provided here.


Is there a memorable moment you have from the WSOPC tournament?

The statement of my Italian opponent from the final of the event: “You will see, I will win.” :-D


What do you perceive as your biggest poker career moment?

I have played Omaha a lot in the past and then at the age of 24 (I am now 30) I quit the job and decided to take the risk and be professional.


What kind of player are you? Are there differences between female and male playing?

I am crazy player :-D I bluff, I flirt, I have fun and I like to win. And it is definitely an advantage to be a blonde by the male table. They underestimate me of course :-D


And what about hobbies, are there any besides poker?

Travelling [showing us a list of flying tickets for next month]. I like to play poker for a month and then have a nice vacation by the sea, such as in the Caribbean or Cuba.

And thanks to a bet with my friend I started to go to the gym and found out that this kind of relaxation really helps me and cleans my mind.

Are you active on social media?

More and more and I love to share my success. And, it means I get tons of request for teaching poker, explaining anything poker etc. :-D


What are your next plans?

Coming to WSOPE to King´s in the autumn and planning the EPT.

But I don´t care that much about the size of the tournament, I simply love poker.


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