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Let's talk gastronomy for a moment

If we talk about the gastronomy at King’s Resort, we have to start with the famous Radimsky Restaurant.

Radimsky was named after the prominent 19thand early 20thcentury Czechoslovak impressionist, Vaclav Radimsky, and is decorated with  his original work. Radimsky was a fundamental part of our founder Mr. Leon Tsoukernik’s original vision for his casino. His desire was to exceed common border casinos in both service and offerings. Facilities for high quality gastronomy are essential to provide services for discerning customers, the biggest players in the world, and VIPs.

Radimsky Restaurant has been in operation for 15 years. During these years, it has been under the guidance of only one chef – David Vávra. Mr. Tsoukernik personally chose Mr. Vávra for his talent, passion, attention to detail, and work ethic. Today, it is a highly acclaimed restaurant offering specialities from all over the world.

In its early stages, this restaurant was originally used to provide personal caterings to Mr. Tsoukernik. However, after his guests had seen the delicacies that were being served to him, demand to expand it into a full-fledged restaurant quickly developed.

Mr. Vávra has created many successful menus over the years, with influences from his practical training in Thailand and Sardinia. Thanks to King’s Resort’s close proximity to the border, it can import fresh ingredients straight from Germany. This does not mean ingredients from its own country are ignored, but that its options are far greater and its choices more diverse. From time to time, you can taste rare delicacies from unique ingredients such as Piemonte truffles, Iranian caviar, meat from the finest breeds such as Wagyu and U.S. Prime Beef, and fresh exotic fish. These dishes can be paired with a choice from our almost exclusively Italian wine list or high-quality champagnes.

Several times a year, Radimsky experiments with its menu by bringing in regular guest chefs from Lebanon, China, Italy, and Israel. As people from around the world come to visit us, the need to accommodate our guests’ needs and preferences becomes vital. Radimsky is one of the few places in the region where the joy of cooking shines through the walls of its kitchen.

Author: Jan Teska

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