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WSOPE comes to King's Resort with three brand new bracelets!

                                                                                                                                       Rozvadov, May 5, 2019


Europe's biggest poker event comes with a new format for the first time in history. In Rozvadov, the prize pool promises 13 gold bracelets and more than 18 million euros!

Rozvadov - No ten, but thirteen of the most prestigious poker trophies will be distributed this fall during the WSOP Europe at the King's Resort. In addition to the original 10 planned bracelet events and a total of € 14 million guarantee, the High Roller with a € 25,500 entry fee and a € 2,500,000 guaranteed prize pool; the 8-Games Mix with a € 2,500 entry fee and a € 250,000 guaranteed prize pool; the 25K Mixed Games Championship with a € 25,500 entry fee and a € 1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool will be added.

Winning the golden WSOP bracelet is the dream of any poker enthusiast and professional, and in the Czech Republic only five players can boast of having the most prestigious poker trophy. King's Resort is the only place in Europe where this sought after poker jewelry can be obtained for the third consecutive year. This autumn, the European edition of the world's oldest and most famous poker event, the World Series of Poker Europe, returns to West Bohemia for the third time in a row, and the organizers have released its program last week. But the original ten planned "bracelet” tournaments and a total guarantee of over € 14 million are now expanding by three more events. 

At WSOP Europe, a Short Deck Hold'em tournament takes place for the first time at King's Resort, a fairly young poker discipline where all of the deuces to fives are removed (therefore, sometimes referred to as Six Plus Hold'em). Especially the players of the most expensive tournaments favored this format for its action potential, and from the 18th and 19th of October, the WSOPE Short Deck High Roller will offer a € 25,500 entry fee and a € 2,500,000 guaranteed prize pool. “It's the biggest bracelet event in this format in the history of Europe and we are honored to host it at King’s. It will be an event for fans of modern fast poker with huge guarantees. Our resort confirms its role as a key poker destination in 2019,” comments the owner of King’s Resort, Leon Tsoukernik.   


Originally played primarily in East Asia, the format has spread throughout the world over the past few years, and has penetrated, for the first time this year, into the relatively conservative World Series of Poker. The play for the next and the first European gold bracelet in this discipline will take place two months later in West Bohemia.


WSOP Europe 2019 Schedule




Guaranteed prize pool

13th -16th of October

No Limit Hold’em Opener

€ 350

€ 220,700

14th -17th of October

8-Handed Pot-Limit Omaha

€ 550

€ 100,000

16th -20th of October

No Limit Hold’em Mini Main Event

€ 1,350

€ 551,750

16th - 17th of October

8-Games Mix

€ 2,500

€ 250,000

18th -19th of October

Short Deck 25K High Roller

€ 25,500

€ 2,500,000

19th of October

Turbo Bounty Hunter

€ 1,100

€ 200,000

20th - 21st of October

25K Platinum High Roller

€ 25,500


20th - 21st of October

Pot-Limit Omaha / No Limit Hold’em Mix

€ 1,650

€ 200,000

21st - 23rd of October

25K Mixed Games Championship

€ 25,500


22nd -24th of October

Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed

€ 2,200


23rd - 25th of October

Diamond High Roller

€ 100,000


25th - 31st of October

WSOP Europe Main Event

€ 10,350


28th of October - 4th of November No-Limit Hold’em Colossus € 550 €1,000,000


Information about King's Resort Rozvadov

King's Resort is the largest poker casino in Europe. In addition to a wide range of poker tournaments and cash games at the casino, you will also find live games and slot machines 24 hours a week. In 2017, a luxury five-star hotel was opened next to the casino to accommodate guests. Of course, you can find also top-quality wellness at King's Resort. The poker section of the casino hosts well-known poker events that bring together players from all around the world. The casino was put into operation in 2003.

King's Resort Contact

Rozvadov 7, Rozvadov, 348 06





WSOP History

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the annual most famous poker series, taking place in Las Vegas since 1970. In the course of this series, dozens of poker tournaments will be held in Las Vegas. The winners of these tournaments receive a rare gold bracelet in addition to the prize money, which is only for winners in the WSOP tournaments.

In 2007, the European version of the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) was created, preserving the same format, including gold bracelets for the winner. WSOPE, like the older US version of the WSOP, is of great interest for all poker players and fans. So far, players have been able to play at the WSOPE at casinos in London, Berlin, Cannes or even Paris.

For nine years of WSOPE-existence, more than 23,000 people have taken part. So far, more than € 108 million has been distributed in winnings. In the Czech Republic, the first WSOPE took place at King’s Resort in 2017 and this year the series will return to the same place for the third time in its history.

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